5 Foods To Avoid

5 Foods To Avoid

If you're looking to lose weight, avoid sugar-free lollies, diet soda drinks, fat-free and low-fat yogurt, bread, and white chocolate.

Sugar Free Lollies: These often contain “sweeteners” that are often worse for us than sugar it self.

Diet Soda Drinks: These drinks often contain “aspartame” which has been known as the most dangerous substance added to foods.

Fat Free and Low Fat Yogurt: Always read the label. These foods often contain more sugar than the regular Yogurt.

Bread: Especially white bread: Bread often has more sugar than grain in it. Often soon after eating bread we feel hungry again and go looking for snacks. If you are trying to lose weight this is a food to try avoid.

White Chocolate: Although if you are trying to lose weight, its probably best to avoid Chocolate all together and even if not trying to lose weight eat it only in moderation. Chocolate has been known to be a brain-boosting superfood. However white chocolate does not have the same benefits.