Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does one bottle of drops/spray last?

42 days.


What are the rules about exercise?

If you have been exercising carry on doing what you were doing.If not thats fine.


Are the recipes with the chick pea flour etc are they phase 3 only?

They can be used in Phase 2 but only home made chickpea and lentil flour not bought flour.


Can i take Maintain tablets on phase 2?    

Maintain tablets can be taken while on the drops to suppress your appetite, does help especially in the beginning.


How many toasts / sticks can I have a day?         

A total of 5 Melba /Mini toasts/Grissini sticks a day.


Are the Melba/ Mini toasts / sticks optional?     

Yes if you get hungry in between meals you can eat them.


Where can you buy Melba toast in New Zealand?   

Melba toast id very hard to find in NZ, only place I have found them is at The Dutch Shop in Henderson, try Countdown sometimes they have in stock.


Does the lax tablet have you running to the toilet?     

No, it just regulates your bowels.


Why am I constipated?

With toxins in your body it is hard to break down fat. Get a fiber, or use our Puralax Cleanse,  as change of diet can cause constipation.


How much veggies are you allowed per meal per day?    

2 Cups per meal per pay, don’t mix colors.


Does this have any affect on arthritis medication? 

We have a-lot of members on arthritis medication and doing very well on the diet.


Can i pay this in installments and do i receive my product immediately? 

Yes we have Zip and you get your order immediately and pay it off in 4 interest free installments


Just started and getting headaches, why?

Your body is detoxing and getting rid of all the nasty toxins that unhealthy food gives you, these headaches sometimes lasts for 2-3 days but will pass, drink lots water.


If really hungry can we have the maintenance pills or have extra drops?

If you are hungry I recommend having the maintain tablets as they suppress your appetite. But don’t have more drops.


How long does delivery take? 

Normally takes 2 -3 working days.


Do the drops replace a meal?   

No they don’t replace the meal the 123 Diet drops are taken before your 3 main meals daily


Do you have vegetarian meal plans as well ?

We have a-lot of clients who are vegetarians and they also post their meals on our support group, In our info booklet there is a vegetarian list.


Do u do stall days when you are  on your period?

No don’t do a stall day while on your period, this is the time when you can pick up weight so carry on as normal till finished, it should be fine


I forgot to take my drops before lunch time what do I do?

Take them as soon as you remember


Q: Who Can Use The Weight Management Program?

Anyone who needs to lose weight and has excess fat to burn. It is not suitable for Breastfeeding and Pregnant women. If you have a medical condition please seek the advice of your Physician before commencing the Diet.


Q: How many calories can I consume each day?

Although the Diet is portion controlled, there is no calorie counting on this Weight Management Program. It is an easy set plan.


Q: Do I have to follow the maintenance program once I have lost my weight?

It is important after you have lost weight to keep your weight off for good. You need to maintain your weight and not go back to eating the foods you ate that created your need to lose weight. Eating in moderation is important, so take what you have learnt from the 3 phases of the Diet to keep your weight off for life.

Can I eat out in a restaurant whilst on the Diet?

Yes you can, It is all about choosing the correct foods. Restaurants you will find they will be happy to accommodate you with your food requirements. Take what you have learnt from the 3 phases of the Diet and use that to choose the best meal for you.