Gymnema: Your Secret Weapon

Gymnema: Your Secret Weapon

There's something in our signature drops that makes saying no to sugar a whole lot easier. But have you ever wondered why some of your favorite foods taste different since you've started the 123 Diet- or, if you're still on the fence about trying our plan, what separates us from all the bogus weight loss products out there?

One of the ingredients that makes 123Diet's signature diet drops so powerful is gymnemic acid. Gymnemic acid is extracted from leaves of the Gymnema sylvestre, a vine that grows in tropical areas of India, Africa and Australia. Other names for it include "the Australian cowplant" and the "Periploca of the Woods." In Hindi, it is known as "gurmar," which means “sugar destroyer.”

It has been used in traditional medicine to treat everything from allergies and infections to snake bites, and even as an aphrodisiac! Early clinical trials also suggest that it may show promise as an aid to diabetes treatments.

However, gymnema extract's digestive stimulant, laxative, and appetite suppressant effects also make it a great weight loss aid, especially when combined with other fat-busting ingredients in 123 Diet's drops and high-powered, low-sugar meal plan.

Gymnemic acid primarily works by targeting and binding to the taste bud receptors that sugar normally would. Just taking the drops 15 minutes before a meal suppresses the sweet taste one usually gets from sugar and other sweeteners, which in turn leads to reduced sugar cravings and helps with weight loss.

But no need to say goodbye to your favorite sweets for good; gymnema has no long-term effects on taste buds. It also does not influence bitter, salty or sour tastes, nor does it affect lesser-known fifth major flavor "umami," which conveys a savory or "meaty" flavor. So there'll still be plenty in your meals to enjoy!

You should not use gymnema if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Since it can lower blood sugar levels, you should also use gymnema mindfully if you have diabetes and stop your use 2 weeks before undergoing any surgical procedure.

However, almost anyone else can use our exclusive drops and meal plan to make weight loss as easy as 123. 123 Diet drops also do not contain any animal products, so they're even safe for vegans!

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